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Food is my Love Language

Food is my love language. If I cook for you it’s the same as putting my heart on my plate — Anthea Mans

I’ve probably written about 20 different headings for my first ever blog entry and deleted every single one of them. I guess even though I haven’t even started yet, I’m already wondering what people will think and trying to re-phrase again and again to suit what I presume others want to read. But that wasn’t the point and sadly is one of my most frustrating traits – caring too much about what others think. But along with the bad traits, comes the good, in perfect equilibrium. Which brings me to the actual reason I decided to start blogging. I want to inspire, help and motivate others in my own quirky, yet seriously cool way.

Maybe I should start off telling you a little about myself.

Firstly, I’m 5 foot 1 and exceptionally blunt – or I guess that’s the nicer version of what I am – my description is “blatantly straightforward with absolutely no filter”. So, if you want something sugar-coated in lovely, sticky bullsnot, then this is probably not the blog for you. I also have a bit of a temper and have the tendency to go from calm to crazy in under 10 seconds. I love telling people it’s because I’m passionate, but honestly, I just have absolutely no control when the “dark side” takes over. I have managed to keep the little gremlin at bay though.

So now you are sitting there, reading this, thinking that it’s just going to be a blog about this short chick complaining, but there is the other side to me. I have a golden heart, I’m loyal, kind (if treated well), humble, caring, protective and empathetic. I care so much that sometimes it is to my own detriment and I would literally do anything for just about anybody if you asked nicely enough.

Shoo, got a little soppy there, to the point again. Put all the above together, and you have someone that enjoys sharing life experiences and lessons, raw and real, with a rather sarcastic, humorous twist so that others may relate, and I might just be able to help you on your journey to happiness, health and success in the process.

Being an incredibly organised and very practical person, I’ll spend most of my time sharing my view on health of both the body and mind, with a nice side of meal inspiration (because I love pretty, healthy and tasty food) and possibly even a life lesson dependent on what annoying person crossed my path that day, because let’s face it, that is what makes us stronger.

Your insight is valued, your opinion will always be considered, and may you enjoy the journey with me.