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Get inspired by what you eat

I am a complete foodie.

I love food, it’s almost an obsession. Okay I’m lying, it’s completely an obsession. I’m exceptionally picky though, I like fresh, delicious food, preferably organic and in the most rawest form so that I can turn it into a masterpiece. I found my gift many moons ago, making healthy food taste good, and still be healthy. You are all thinking I’ve lost it, but I can prove it. I have been able to convert my husband, who lived on meat, potatoes and rice the majority of his life, to eating exactly the same as what I do. We all know how stubborn men are, so I’m going with, I CAN COOK!!! I want to share my love of delicious, healthy food and so my aim is to bring my ideas to you as often as possibly.

I’m a planner, so the night before I always take out what I need and it generally doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes. If I don’t do this, I fail. It took a while to get used to, but this has now become a part of my every day life. I prepare my breakfast and lunch at work, where I only have a microwave, egg boiler and toaster at my disposal. But I like making something out of nothing, so CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Breakfast is my most important meal of the day. If I don’t get my morning meal in, I’m not a very nice person to be around. So it really is true that what you consume is linked to your emotions. Not only that, but if I get in a good breakfast, I snack a whole lot less, I’m very focused and as colourful as the food I eat. I did have a laugh this morning when a colleague in the office said to me that my breakfast looks lovely, but she simply doesn’t have the time to make something like that. This literally took me 6 minutes to prepare. If you want something bad enough, you will make the time. Those are 6 minutes I am willing to take to feed my body what it needs so that my day starts right. Breakfast was a slice of seeded bread with baby spinach, avo, exotic tomatoes, a soft boiled egg and sprouts – tada…. Not only that, but I managed it all at work.

Lunch today was very easy and super quick as well. I only ended up preparing it after my lunch break though, because I need to remind myself to eat occasionally and life does get busy. But this tuna salad on rice cakes was quickly put together, munched up and I could continue with my day.

And finally dinner. I like colorful when I cook and colorful automatically looks more appetizing. You won’t often finding me cooking the same things over and over again, and I generally cannot get it tasting the same twice in a row. I like being experimental, so maybe it’s a good thing I’m starting to put it all up on a website. Tonight was a simple meat free wholewheat pasta. I used tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, pine nuts and with basil pesto.

Again, my husband kindly told me tonight during dinner that it is pointless us visiting restaurants because it just doesn’t taste as good anymore. I was flattered to say the least and this from a man that considered his potatoes to be his veggies.

Well that was it for today. I do hope this adds a little variety to your daily meals and encourages you to put just a little more effort in to achieve a whole lot more.

If you liked my post, please leave a comment below or else feel free to suggest some other ingredients that I can play around with to create something amazing.

Enjoy finding your balance

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